Mobile CRM on Salesforce

My friends at RocketSales have launched a big update of their mobile app for Salesforce called, naturally, RocketSales. You can download it over here: Highly recommended.

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So…broke down (literally) over the weekend and bought in iPhone. My first ever. I’ve been holding out for years, largely cause of the cost, but secondarily not wanting to get absorbed into the Apple Universe where I’m forced to buy nothing but Apple products.

I went to the store with my wife – she needed to a new iPhone because hers was broken. I had lent her my Android phone from work, and I think I can say without hyperbole that she hated that phone more than she hates war and bad drivers. I mean she hated, hated, hated that phone. By the end I was begging to buy her a new iPhone so that she could be happy again.

So I went in the store looking to buy myself a nice new Android phone. I checked out the HTC Aria, which is a really sweet little phone. Smaller than an iPhone, but with Anroid 2.1 including Flash player support. Supposed to have good battery life as well. Then I got talking to the salesman and he claimed that the Aria is a “boomerang” phone, by which he meant they are always coming back to the store due to some complaint like the phone locking up. Well, that was a deal killer for me. The last thing I need is to wrestle with my stupid mobile phone.

And so I capitulated and went with the iPhone. It felt like joining the party. No, not “a party”, like THE Party. It’s comfortable joining the politburo. I get my pick of apps (as long as they’re approved!). Everything works smoothly, just as long as I’m happy to keep agreeing to that ever-tightening Terms of Service contract. Yes, I happily traded my liberty for security faster than a Fox News viewer watching the terror threat level shoot up to orange. It’s warm and safe over here.

Pinky the Cat

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Pinky the Cat
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Bunnies in Paper Cups

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Discovered Bunnies in Paper Cups via mdfsmash
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National GOP looking to buy congressional seats in CA

Good article here National GOP group writes Andy Vidak a big check. So with a lack of actual community support, Any Vidak is using money from the National Republican Congressional Committee to fund his race for Congress. So absolute newcomer + out of state cash + anti-incumbent mood = one more Tea Partyer in Congress.

David Harmer – Tea Party in Livermore

David Harmer is the Republican challenger in the 11th District of California. And according to a recent article, David Harmer is also an ardent Tea Party AND Proposition 8 Supporter. That’s great. Just what we need to be sending to Washington, a retrograde anti-gay and pro-crazy candidate.

Dan Lungren hypocritical on the Stimulus

Interesting reading from the Sacramento Bee, Stimulus critic Dan Lungren won $30 million of goverenment money for himself.

Rush The Spirit Of The Radio

another great song

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Red Sector A

great song

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Red Sector A, posted with vodpod