What is VideoEgg?

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VideoEgg is a startup in a new category we could call the “picks and shovels business” for video on the web. Rather than trying to build a destination, like the other hundred sites out there, they are attacking a problem faced by every user of every user-generated video site. Namely, “how do I get my video off my camera and upload to site X?”

The basics are pretty well understood: 1)rip the video from your camera onto your computer, 2)encode the video from raw format into something usable, and 3)upload the video to your favorite site. However, lots can go wrong in this process. In many cases you’ll use two different desktop apps for steps 1 and 2, and then have to use whatever hacked up process your site uses for file upload.

VideoEgg starts by attacking each of these problems. Their product supports grabbing video off of a connected device (camcorder or web cam), encoding that video, and then uploading the video to a remote server. All of this is packaged in a browser control (supports FF, IE, Safari, Opera according to the FAQ) for web page integration. The control even supports basic editing like setting Mark In/Out.
I like the technical idea a lot, because I don’t see anyone else attacking this end of the problem. The browser plugin is cool once it’s installed, but I’m not sure how many people will be willing to install it locally. I think that’s a very big barrier.

For the business model, it looked like Video Egg was primarily B2B, meaning they were trying to license the plugin to destination sites. However, more recently it looks like they’ve started letting end users publish video to their blogs via VideoEgg directly, with VideoEgg hosting the video. They even will autoblog to your blogging site, which is cool, but right now they only support Blogger and Typepad – doh! I tried it out over at a blogger account, check out the results here.

I have to admit the experience was very smooth, and the results are very good. The ability to trim the start and end of the video without using a video editing package is itself very cool. My original video file was 5 times longer than what you see on the blog. If I wanted to start “video blogging” I could see this being invaluable.

I’m not sure whether VideoEgg intend to pursue that b2c blog utility direction over time, or whether it’s a way to prove the technology and user appeal to potential partners. Now if only they could get FF or IE to pre-install their plugin, then they’d be set.


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  1. JL on

    I like the technical idea a lot, because I don’t see anyone else attacking this end of the problem.

    Hey, Scott. Interesting blog. I’m the VP of Marketing at On2 Technologies, the company that created the Flash 8/VP6 video format for Macromedia.

    Please forgive the marketing pitch, but I thought you might want to know that we’re attacking this problem ourselves with our On2 Video Publisher. Whereas VideoEgg requires you to download & install a 3MB package, our 300k ActiveX object/Mozilla plugin installs directly from within the user’s browser. Our Publisher also has camera capture, basic editing, etc.

    The other big difference is that web sites can license our product to use on their own site. I.e., you can upload the encoded video to your own site, we don’t force you to upload your video to our servers like VideoEgg does. We think this allows site owners much more flexibility & control over their content.

    Anyway, if you’d like to demo the Publisher, give me a shout. (jluther a-t on2 dot com).

  2. scottp on

    Hi John, thanks for the info. We’re working with your encoder right now, but I’ll have a look at the publisher control. But wait…how can I have a look? Doesn’t look like any trial is available from the website…tisk! tisk!

  3. scottp on

    Update: Ok, there is a trial page for the publisher here http://publisher.on2.com/. I will check it out and write up my impressions.

  4. JL on

    You have to be special. 😉

  5. […] As promised, here is a quick review of the On2 Publisher control which competes directly with VideoEgg (see my review of VideoEgg). As advertised, the On2 control is a very quick ActiveX control install, with no downloadble .exe. The install was quick and painless on IE (FF is supported, but only 1.5). Overall the control is less attractive and less slick than the VideoEgg one, but it does the basic job. […]

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  7. omprakash on

    Unable to upload error

    The following error is showing while I upload a movie :

    The Video Egg publisher has had a problem uploading your movie.
    Please ensure that u have active internet connection and try again.

    What is the problem actullay?

    Mail me,


  8. beth on

    how do you acctually download video egg??? im trying to put a video on the internet but i cant so i nedd to download egg video!!!!! but how???

  9. jade on

    how do i download this to bebo because i want 2 put a video i made on it n it wont let me plz get bk 2 me asap n explain it step by step on how to download video egg???

  10. suranjan on

    dear sir,
    i’d like to make available your features about videoeggs publisher and my question is that do it take my web space or you will provide that web space for us.

    and while i did signup and tried to upload a video of mine then it is not working. the main bug is not active and couldn’t find the browse button for upload a file.

    thank you.
    web master

  11. djaces on


  12. Marius on


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