Review: On2 Video Publisher

On2 Logo

As promised, here is a quick review of the On2 Publisher control
which competes directly with VideoEgg (see my review of VideoEgg). As advertised, the On2 control is a very quick ActiveX control install, with no downloadble .exe. The install was quick and painless on IE (FF is supported, but only 1.5). Overall the control is less attractive and less slick than the VideoEgg one, but it does the basic job.

I was able to drag a wmv video file from my computer onto the control. It lets me play the file, set Mark In/Mark Out, and then click ‘Publish’. When I click publish then it encodes the file to Flash and uploads its to the On2 test server. Everything went smoothly and you can see the results here. I used the same video so you can compare to the one from VideoEgg (here). Encoding results seem similarly good from both products.

I don’t really like how On2 sticks their logo right on top of the video – the VideoEgg widget has the logo off the video which seems nicer. Presumably you can change this if you purchase the On2 Publisher control for use on your site.

The On2 product seems less polished than VideoEgg, but it does the job. And given that I do believe the download/install is a big user barrier, the easier to install ActiveX control is an advantage. It seems that maybe VideoEgg will try to be more of an outsourced service, where they will host/serve the video and provide the control. This will probably make it easier for smaller sites to add video hosting. I’m not sure how or how much VideoEgg will charge for this service.

The On2 product seems targeted at integration with your own video hosting solution, which may make it better for larger sites.

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  1. poolejamie18 on


    Oh, hello! Hi! Yes, that’s right. Wonderful. Mio Likey Very Much-O., for ’tis mine, regardez-le!

  2. Chris Charlton on

    Handles a lot of formats.

  3. John on

    Sorenson has one too. Its called Squish. Its minimum $5000/year.
    On2 is good to. I still havn’t found out how much that costs. But your right nothing beats VideoEgg. I just wish there was a way to get it on my site. They’ll probably be even more expersive than sorenson. But I must disagree with your about the install software being a huge barrier. I don’t think its a big deal when its so much better. As a user I would care much more about the video quality and ease of use.

    One question:

    What if I just wanted the video record part of all this. I’m willing to settle for the user being able to record the video from thier webcam and then when they are done the click upload. What is the best and cheapest thing for that.

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