If YouTube is #1, then who’s #2?

Ok, let's get down to brass tacks. TONS of competitors in the online video sharing space, but who's actually winning? I wasted some perfectly good time today looking up people's Alexa rankings (yes I know, their value is dubious at best). I started with Techcrunch's original lineup, then added other sites I know about. Please let me know of anybody I missed.

Alexa Rank    Site
-----------    -----
58            youtube.com
1,652         zippyvideos.com
4,353         bolt.com
4,801         dailymotion.com
7,308         vsocial.com
9,871         vimeo.com
10,560        revver.com
11,112        ourmedia.org
12,222        gofish.com
17,077        grouper.com
19,531        castpost.com
24,779        veoh.com
36,324        clipshack.com
43,700        blinkx.tv

I left off Google since Alexa just ranks the base domain, and others like iFilm because user-gen video is only part of their model. Some interesting things here. The advantage of being #1 is pretty clear, as YT appears way ahead of everyone else. Interesting though that zippyvideos and bolt.com take #2 and #3, as I don't really hear about those guys at all. I'm happy to see my own outfit gofish.com at least hitting the middle of the pack. Obviously sheer page views is a crude measure, but it's also one that many people pay attention to.


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  1. boulderado on

    I think it makes more sense to look at reach over a more recent time period since the space is changing so rapidly. The rankings change pretty dramatically, though I don’t have the energy to rerank all of them. If you look at the average reach last week, Vimeo’s ranking drops to 11,030, Revver drops to 12,518, Grouper jumps to 10,827 and gofish jumps to 7,712.

    The sites with desktop software like Grouper and Veoh are at a distinct disadvantage since none of the traffic that occurs in their software is captured by Alexa.

  2. scottp on

    Good point. I admit I was just going from the Alexa toolbar which just reports the basic rank number. I will repost sometime soon with the reach numbers.

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  4. Ara on

    Livedigital.com is currently 12,781 – where is the REACH info? Do i get emailed when someone replies to this? nice.

  5. Jason on

    you forgot http://www.WeWin.com with Alexa rank of around 10,000

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