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Gofish goes Flash

So my old company finally released their upgrade to Flash video. Unfortunately WordPress won't let me embed a video unless it comes from YouTube…ack! Come on guys, don't you think it's a little early to be calling the video sharing market already. Besides, allowing Flash embeds opens up a whole world of stuff I could add to my blog. And these notions of security problems are silly. Myspace makes a living allowing embedded objects. Anyway, here's a link to a gofish video embedded at a Blogger blog:


Myspace is reading my blog

See, you thought I was crazy, and then Myspace goes and adds IM to their service. Ok, perhaps not revolutionary or even particularly surprising, but don't you figure they read my post below and realized that Meebo is about to eat their lunch? Hmm…maybe Tom and Chris will give me a fat gig doing strategy consulting…

Will Meebo kill Myspace?

Ok, sure I know it sounds crazy. But hear me out. What's the only thing that teenagers spend more time doing online than hanging out at myspace? They use IM. IM is the defacto communication tool for teens online – they use email only to talk to parents and teachers.

Imagine if Meebo added super-cool web 2.0 social networking, plus maybe a bit of Second Life virtualization. Basically a Myspace killer based on features. The ingrediants are out there – something will supercede Myspace, just look how old and decrepit that site looks compared to what people are doing now. Someone will come along with something super interactive, immersive, and cool. As Danah Boyd puts it, the "next blinky shiny object".

The problem is, how do you launch a new social network site and actually grab any users? Answer – build on their existing IM buddy lists. This is what AOL plans to do. Given Meembo's growing base and Ajax cred, they could be in a good position to do this. Who knows, maybe that crazy valuation wasn't so crazy after all.