Video sharing sites – Alexa rankings

Let's check the latest rankings:

Youtube:            23 1,544        1,594 2,171    2,245     4,433
vsocial:         6,718        6,934       7,400      8,645      8,939    14,176   38,571

I'd say the big news here is video sharing continues growing rapidly. YouTube has gone from 58 to 23 since last I checked. Holy crap! 25th on the global ranking. Bigger than AOL, craigslist, facebook and the nytimes.

Other than YT, seems the biggest mover is grouper, going from 17k to 4k. Nice work, I guess they're having success converting the desktop users to the web site. has moved up significantly as well.

And I'm pleased to see that gofish moved up from 12,222 to 8,645, passing revver in the process. Looks like the ad sharing over at revver is not really helping traffic.


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  1. Zom Paulson on

    Boy oh boy! this is an example of the worst revver has to offer. Total crap!!


    (make sure to click on the commercials at the end of each movie!)

  2. seans23 on

    grouper’s great because it’s really easy to download video to iTunes. I can watch videos on my iPod while riding the train to work.

  3. krice1112 on

    videos are in.. the days of deceptive people on chat is over.. even dating sites these days like webdatedotcom offer video services to the subscribers..

  4. razib on

    In many parts of the world, users cannot still enjoy the video sharing websites because of not having enough internet speed. This is gradually changing and thanks to the expansion of broadband technology in Asia, the market will increase manyfolds in the next 5 years.

  5. Krupo on

    You forgot, which ranks above and ….

  6. seinfeld on

    My sense is you are only including video views/traffic from the actual domains themselves. So this is a very misleading analysis/post. Revver, for example has most of its traffic outside of (people’s blogs, myspace pages, other domains) and I think if you were to rank by video views: YouTube would definitely be #1 and Revver would probably be #2 given the success they saw with Diet Coke & Mentos.

  7. Jaspuptin on

    Not sure where you got those numbers.. Revver is ranked number 6,862 today on Alexa for a 3 month average and ranked number 4760 today.. hmmm. As well, a large percentage of Revver’s traffic does not get registered in Alexa.. They track downloads, podcasts, P2P distribution, etc.. Last I heard they were pumping over a million videos a day.. putting them well above the others and just behind YouTube.. Alexa is a poor meter for this type of service.

  8. scottp on

    I just took the default Alexa ranking (3 mon average) on the day I wrote the post. Admittedly, everyone knows that Alexa is unreliable, so these numbers have to be taken as just general trends.

    However, I would argue that page views is a pretty important measure for a video sharing site. Counting videos streamed is dangerous because it’s easy to stream LOTS of videos onto Myspace pages that get thousands of views a day. But what does that traffic mean? Maybe a little viral marketing, but mostly that’s a *cost*, and not a monetizable service. By that measure Photobucket is gaining on YT, and it probably works for them since they have a pay model. But for those vying to be a destination site for free video sharing, page views is pretty much the critical number.

  9. Fez on

    There’s lots of greys in this space.

    Just as one example,, which does mainly WMV hosting (30% general / 70% porn it would seem) is Alexa Rank 264.

    I’m sure if you dug some more (like I’ve been doing lately), you’ll find even more sites like these that are insanely popular but you’ve never heard of them.

    Then again, that could be the pr0n factor.

  10. yang ro on

    you should put on your list. it is really cool korean video web site.

  11. Steve on

    What about or Both are in the Alexa Top 500.

  12. sarahi on


  13. […] at this post from June 2006, Video sharing sites – Alexa rankings « Video on the Web, I began wondering where their rankings are now. A cursory look already shows that more are in the […]

  14. Christine Mcwen on

    This is a good movie . This one is available at , english, in HQ quality FREE . Plays like youtube .

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