Google Minesweeper Launches

minesweeper_logo.gifContinuing it’s attack against the entrenched Microsoft application monopolies, Google Labs today launched a new Ajax version of the venerable Minesweeper application. The application is not open to the public yet, but I was able to secure a screenshot which you can see below.

Coming on the heels of the Writely acquisition and launch of Google Spreadsheet, the addition of Minesweeper looks like it may finally end the MS monopoly on the desktop.

Larry Ellison of Oracle lauded the innovation, saying, “Finally, our employees have no more excuses for running Windows on their PC’s! And I can work completely on my new Mac now when I’m at the office.”

Google Minesweeper includes a number of impressive innovations including:

  • Online collaboration – cooperate with co-workers to uncover mines
  • Online game storage. Now you can finish that game at home.
  • Integrated GTalk for real-time trash talking.

Not everyone is so excited about this launch though. Sam Kinelson, CEO at the Sequoia-backed startup Minestrr, complained “This is just another example of Google quashing competition in a new market segment. They’re just sweeping the field to keep out fast moving up-and-comers. What’s next? Google Notepad?!?!” Google is already launching into a crowded field, with established startups including Minestrr,,, minetube, and

The launch is being covered over at Techcrunch (“Google changes the game”) and by Om Malik (“Google sweeping up the competition”).



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  1. samgrover on

    Ha ha! Hilarious! Cool ads too 🙂

  2. […] Ni Writely, ni Google Spreadsheet, acaban de lanzar (en beta y en Google Labs, claro) Google Minesweeper, el buscaminas. […]

  3. Bill Gates on

    This is great. whats next my God !

  4. Minesweeper at AboutDigital on

    […] Рубрики: google   |   Теги: ajax, google, Microsoft, minesweeper. Добавить новость в Оцените эту статью: Нет рейтинга […]

  5. Kirby Witmer on

    LOL!!! love the ads..

  6. Lyononline on

    Excellent ! I’ll try it when it will be available 🙂

  7. Michael on

    I like it 😉 but the ads are very funny 😛
    As far as i see for the moment the host doesnt exist. (no ip resolved)

  8. Colin on

    Sheer brilliance. Finally Google has realized a golden era in technology.


    Google’s new Minesweeper

    Google is launching a new AJAX version of the popular Window’s Minesweeper. Many experts think that this aplication is part of Google’s strategy to end the monopoly of Microsoft. Search Engine Lowdown is giving you a preview …

  10. Lee Kelleher on

    Classic! 😆 Too bad you didn’t post this 2 months and 8 days ago!

  11. Brent on

    I rarely even use Windows, but how exactly will Minesweeper end a so-called “Microsoft mononpoly“?

    Perhaps Google ought to make it’s own operating system if it wants to unseat Microsoft. Or perhaps it will stop making Windows only apps like Google Desktop? Seems like the most logical step towards achieving this goal –that is if this is the actual intention of Google.

    There are plenty of open source Linux distros that it could start with.

    Goobuntu anyone? What about Goontoo? Goobian? Goodriva? Goodora? Goonspire? Goopix or Goonix? Goolackware? Goondros? Goopis? Wait, of course: Goose!

  12. […] But the day when google unleashes their Google Minesweeper will really be the day Microsoft has to start to worry. […]

  13. Pete Cashmore on


  14. Eric on

    Is it sad that I read the headline and my first thought was “oh, cool!” before I realized it was a joke?

  15. Johanna on

    BRILLIANT! Thanks for the laugh

  16. lol at quintal do xanato on

    […] google minesweeper. […]

  17. wealthbuildertip on

    I will not be surprise that if Google comes up with some sort of OS. They got the Mondey..

  18. Ben Tremblay on

    I remeber the XUL version of the game.


    I’ll have mine with OpenLaszlo, thanks.

  19. asdasd on

    meraba nasılsınız

  20. Matthew Stibbe on

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it and write a full review

    Beautiful work of parody! Thanks very much. Matthew

  21. […] Video on the Web posted a delicious parody of Google Spreadsheets hype.  I feel chagrined by my own coverage. […]

  22. asdasd on

    am yarak göt.

    üyelik sistemi olmadan yorummu alınır ya böyle küfrederim işte

    am yarraaaak göt pipi kuku

    goo gooogle 🙂

  23. Ege_tur on

    if google really did this, this would be a tough challenge as the minesweeper is the only bundled program in windows that does its job.

  24. […] To read all about it, go to this blog.  […]

  25. […] Google continua robando mercado a Microsoft, esta vez, google lanzará  Google Minesweeper (beta) Parace que google no se detendrá hasta robar los puntos clave de mercado a Microsoft. […]

  26. […] Source: Video on the Web […]

  27. montypiegon on

    Well done good sir. I myself am waiting for Google Pinball.

  28. Leigh on

    If Larry Ellison likes it, count me out.

  29. […] Гуглу по-моему вообще делать нечего в последнее время. И вот они открыли заново Америку. Создали Сапёр на яваскрипте. Зачем он нужен, спросите вы? Очень просто, отвечу вам я – капитализация гугла растет день ото дня. Деньги девать им просто некуда. […]

  30. ryo185 on


  31. […] Video on the Web » Blog Archive » Google Minesweeper Launches (tags: google microsoft minesweeper) […]

  32. bobsaf on

    Just what we needed -NOT.

  33. William Gates on

    I clicked on the little buttons on the game above, but they didn’t work.
    -So do you have Goolitaire, or Goo Space please?

  34. krice1112 on

    google should have launched goodate as well.. i’d rather find some guy in webdatedotcom than find mines that will only annoy you once you click the wrong button.. GREAT AD LOL

  35. Bruce Watson on

    MSN needs better writers and editors. The “its” in the first sentence indicates possession, and there should be no apostrophe. An apostrophe is needed when shortening “it is” (as in “it is bad”), but not otherwise.

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  37. Brian Benzinger on

    Haha, very funny. Made my day 😀

  38. domainblog on

    Thats pretty cool! Im going to try to get it. I have Google spreadsheet and i almost like it better than excel.

  39. rockwatching on

    “Co- operation with co-workers”, does this mean I can play at work? Do you suppose my superior would understand that it was a teambuilding exercise- better yet, I just wont tell him. Mick

  40. SippinWhisky on

    This is a joke, right? (Gotta be.) And if not, next is a Google cursor/arrow.

  41. razib on

    I am also confused that how the launching of minesweeper can destroy the monopoly of Microsoft. I am not a big fan of the game myself but if Google wants to dent on the monopoly of microsft then it should provide popular office aplications free of charge.

  42. yanis on


  43. […] Suddenly, Google Minesweeper doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea. […]

  44. SigT on

    Google Buscaminas, dando a Microsoft donde más le duele

    Muy resumido, de la semana pasada pero se me paso comentarlo:

    Google saca Google Minesweeper (El buscaminas) [STOP].
    Permite colaboración online [STOP].
    Lo comenta Jope [STOP].

    PD: Sí Jope, no voy a escribir más el nombre de tú bitácora }:P

  45. on

    Google Buscaminas. Google completa su suite ofimatica 2.0

    Junto con las recientes puestas en funcionamiento del procesador de textos y la hoja de cálculos Google publica Google Minesweeper, el buscaminas 2.0 de Google.
    Ya no hay necesidad de instalar Windows para realizar sus tareas cotidianas.
    Entre sus c…

  46. on

    Buscaminas version Google

    Despues de word y excel version Google, ahora tambien buscaminas version Google!

  47. […] Ronda por Internet el rumor de que Google lanzará una versión del famoso juego buscaminas o “minesweeper” (nombre en inglés). Según este sitio, aún no es posible jugarlo ya que está en versión Beta y solo algunos “afortunados” pueden probarlo. […]

  48. Robert on

    Can someone invite me to the beta???


  49. Jason on

    How fun…sometimes parody creates reality!

    This is a cool addition to the personalized Google homepage. (Although whenever I right click to put a flag down, it causes my web preferences window to pop up)

  50. TheCat on

    Too funny…

    Yeah, yeah…like rockwatching said – it’s a team-building exercise. Just like I told my superior that playing solitaire was mouse utilization training. (strangely enough – it worked…LOL)

  51. Rk on

    Most of the links of startups are not linked properly.

  52. […] Now Wei-Hwa posted the 4th google puzzle, minespweer, but google way : June 15th, 2006: It’s hard not to be tempted by parody. It will probably be a while until we can actually get online collaboration, but I was able to come up with some interesting variants of Minesweeper. You can try them out (as well as the standard game) this week: […]

  53. chuckie on

    i’d rather go on a a date and have a good conversation with a really hot and nice chick from webdatedotcom, =D than confuse myself and waste time on clicking the wrong

  54. criação on

    nice blog…congratulations from brazil…

  55. ds on

    Surely You’re Joking, Mr.Rk!

  56. I on


  57. Qwerty Maniac on

    Lovely, I always like minesweeper 😀

  58. really old guy on

    What a waste of time. If Google has any intention of “ending the MS monopoly on the desktop” it should stop wasting its time on silly fluff like minesweeper, and go after the HEART of Microsoft. That’s right, I’m waiting for “Google EDLIN.”

  59. chex on

    love minesweeper! play all the time

  60. cherry on

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  64. Brent on

    Hey Steve, stop spamming your site. I’ve seen this in several different blogs. It’s not that cool. it’s just a dropdown for search that Google already provides with search parameters, i.e. filetype:pdf.

    How lame.

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