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Myspace and YouTube – kings of UGC

This has been a good year for proponents of user-generated content (UGC). What with Myspace guaranteeing $1B in revenue from google, and youtube in turn exceeding myspace is daily visitors, the power and eventual profits possible from a user-generated content business are now readily apparent.

However, I think it’s instructive to consider the differences between myspace and youtube. With myspace, I think you can argue that the site truly is 99% user-generated content. By contrast, youtube is pretty well littered with user-uploaded content, or perhaps more precisely user-pirated content. The $1B question is, how much of those 100M video streams a day that Youtube is serving are serving pirated content? I don’t expect Youtube to be letting us know any time soon, but presumably that will be the first question asked by any potential acquirers.


New CDN option – Panther Express

There’s a new kid on the block for high bandwidth content distribution, Panther Express. The big advantage with Panther is low pricing and no minimum monthly committment.

Given all the outages at Limelight recently, it seems worth looking into Panther as an alternative? Once I get a chance to test their service I will post an update.