New CDN option – Panther Express

There’s a new kid on the block for high bandwidth content distribution, Panther Express. The big advantage with Panther is low pricing and no minimum monthly committment.

Given all the outages at Limelight recently, it seems worth looking into Panther as an alternative? Once I get a chance to test their service I will post an update.

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  1. mittmanage on

    (full disclosure – I’m one of the panther guys) hey thanks for the note – just to give some more detail on Panther, we aim to provide high performance (fast, reliable delivery worldwide, origin shielding) cdn services for the cost of ISP bandwidth, and very easy to do business with as no monthly minimums or annual commitments are required. we wrote everything ourselves, including our DNS and cache server, to gain highest throughput and cost efficiency, and we use only whitebox hardware. with 25 customers in the first 2 months, the market is reacting very favorably to the proposition and offerings.

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