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What’s wrong with Techcrunch?

Don’t get me wrong, I love techcrunch. The blog is synonomous for me with web 2.0. But of late I’ve been finding it especially uninteresting. The major problems seem to me to be:

Unpredicability of coverage

There doesn’t seem any rhyme or reason why one thing gets converage versus another. Some services and companies get skipped over completely, while someone like Wink (which looks terrible to me) gets coverage of a re-launch. Sometimes you hear about some kid launching something out of his dorm room, and sometimes it’s Microsoft launching a feature on

General randomness

The “web 2.0” world has quickly grown to be quite a sprawling landscape. But I don’t find techcrunch (or really any of the other major bloggers) really helping me make sense of it. Virtually every post still fits Arrington’s original “Gee whiz! Guess what I heard about today!” format. That was maybe ok in the early days, but now I just get that sort of “24 hour news cycle” empty feeling most days. “Oh yeah, here comes another blah blah blah startup…” I need more context. More “this is great – that is terrible” analysis.

No sense of proportion

One of the defining characteristics of web 2.0 is how easy it is to launch a service. Literally anybody working at home can get do it. But this makes it all the more important to focus on how people are creating and marketing their services, instead of simply describing each service as a feature set. Guess what? By the time I read your post the feature set has changed. So you better tell me more about the team, their process, their backers and so on, so I can get an idea of who’s serious and who’s keeping their day job.

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Showaholic finds your concerts

My friend Spencer Miles has launched a great new service showaholic logo that automatically finds upcoming music concerts that match your tastes (here is the announcement). Showaholic can automatically injest a set of your favorite music artists from your account, or you can enter them automatically. You also enter your location, and then the system will automatically search for upcoming shows in your area that you might be interested in.

The really cool part is that the system doesn’t just show you concerts from your favorite artists. Instead, it uses to query for other artists you might like, and shows you their concerts as well! The is a really great extension of the music discovery model into the real world. Sign up for free and try it out. This is great for hard-core music lovers.