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Vodpod going strong

Having been way too heads down, I have so far neglected to write anything about my new startup, Given that we’ve been open to the public now for about 4 months, it seems overdue for a post about the service.

Vodpod is a video aggregation service, but pretty different from most of what’s out there in the video sharing space. Rather than concentrate on hosting our own videos, the focus at vodpod is for people to collect videos from other sites. So people use vodpod as both a bookmarking tool for their favorite videos (from YouTube, Google, or hundeds of other sites), and as a tool for self-expression to show their favorite videos. As a publishing tool, vodpod creates both a nice space at our site (here’s my pod of videos for the kids: to showcase videos collected by each user, but we also offer nice blog widgets (like the one in my sidebar) for showing your videos.

In this Business 2.0 article, Om Malik conied the term hyperaggregation to describe what we are doing. This is a fancy way of saying that video sharing sites like YouTube are aggregators of content, and so we’re a hyperaggregator since we can collect content from many aggregation sites.

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