Review: is a personal photo and video hosting service. It sort of competes with Flickr for photo hosting, but it doesn’t really compete with YouTube for video hosting since it’s really aimed at personal sharing, not public sharing.

I’ve started hosting all the photos and videos of my kids on my phanfare account. Phanfare costs money (like $7 per month), but the service is awesome.

Desktop Client

Phanfare takes a different approach than your standard web service. Instead of working though the website, you download and run a desktop application instead. Adding photos and videos just involves dragging those files from your desktop onto the app. Then the app uploads your media behind the scenes.

The app works great (at least on Windows)! It really takes only like 2 minutes to build a complete album online.

Great Video

The other reason I really like is that they seamlessly support photos and video together. Albums can have a mix of both. And the videos look great, being encoded 1 Mbps which is WAY higher than any other online hoster.

The albums also offer a photo slideshow that includes Ken Burns-style pan-and-scan added automatically. It’s sort of gimicky, but apparently ALL my relatives love it!


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