My name is Scott Persinger and I have a long history of working on the engineering side of startups in Silicon Valley. Currently I work at remixation.com, which runs vodpod.com. Before that I was VP Engineering at gofish.com. In past lives I’ve also worked in the enterprise software and financial services sectors. Please note that all opinions expressed here mine alone and I am solely responsible for the content.

I also maintain a Wiki related to using open source tools for server-side video processing: http://videotranscoding.wikispaces.com



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  1. Hanh Kim Quach on

    Hi Scott
    I work for a non profit trying to get affordable, quality health care for all. I’m looking for the Daily Show Clip of Ed Helms doing the spoof on Blue Cross’ bare bones health coverage plan called “Tonik” but it appears Comedy Central has pulled it down off every corner of the web. Do you happen to have a file that you could email to me?

    Thanks in advance for your help…

    hanhkim quach

  2. […] I emailed feedback@vodpod.com and was promptly emailed back by a very helpful individual named Scott Persinger who treated the autoplay as a bug to be fixed, which I guess it was. He was kind enough to […]

  3. Dennis Wright on

    Just a thought, Scott. With the arrival of Flash 9 update 3 and the ability to play mp4 natively in Flash, will the Vodpod “Post to WordPress” button be able to support files in the .f4v format?

  4. justifiedtype on

    Hello, Scott.
    I ran across your blog while doing some research on GoFish.com. The stock seems undervalued at 40 cents/sh and I was interested in your opinion on this. Has YouTube so thoroughly trounced all competition that sites such as Gofish stand no chance at grabbing a piece of the market? Does GF have a product unique enough to keep going? The stock seems to be stirring a little and I’m wondering if it could go somewhere. From what I’ve read, the company has a lot going for it.

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