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How YouTube Won

For a while now I’ve wanted to record my personal analysis of why YouTube won (at least so far!) the “video sharing” market. And it is a huge market. Just consider the combined traffic of YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, all of which are sites that essentially didn’t exist three years ago.

Some history

These observations are based on my experience working for a competitor to YouTube during 2005, While I worked for Gofish (through May 2006) we were never more than an also-ran in the video sharing market. Nonetheless, we had identified the importance of the market in mid-2005, and launched our own product in the fall of that year. I had no insider knowledge of YouTube, I just knew them as a competing service.

A number of services first identified “viral video” as compelling content and were featuring it throughout 2005., which later became, at that time featured like 5 videos on their site every day, and encouraged users to submit their own videos. Submission was by email.

But by summer of 2005 YouTube had launched and a number of other smaller sites were offering “self-service” video upload and hosting.

The following are my observations of the YouTube service and team and why their service became the dominant winner in the space.

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Advertisements Goes Public

So my old company has gone public! Oh, you didn’t hear about it? Well, you can read about it at yahoo news. Here’s the stock chart. Gofish went public on the over-the-counter market (the “penny stocks”), which has, um, shall we say, less stringent listing requirements than the NASDAQ. Anyway, congratulations to the Gofish team!

My personal recommendation: strong buy! At the current price of $4.25 it’s a steal. Come on, my kids want to go to private school…

Online Reality – is that an oxymoron?

Looks like Gofish is looking to launch their new online reality show. I’d post a video here if WordPress would let me, but in lieu of that, here’s the link:

America’s Dream Date from gofish. My guess is the contest will either be a big hit or a complete train wreck… Just for fun, as of the first public sign of the contest, the Alexa 3 mon ranking is 8,

Video sharing sites – Alexa rankings

Let's check the latest rankings:

Youtube:            23 1,544        1,594 2,171    2,245     4,433
vsocial:         6,718        6,934       7,400      8,645      8,939    14,176   38,571

I'd say the big news here is video sharing continues growing rapidly. YouTube has gone from 58 to 23 since last I checked. Holy crap! 25th on the global ranking. Bigger than AOL, craigslist, facebook and the nytimes.

Other than YT, seems the biggest mover is grouper, going from 17k to 4k. Nice work, I guess they're having success converting the desktop users to the web site. has moved up significantly as well.

And I'm pleased to see that gofish moved up from 12,222 to 8,645, passing revver in the process. Looks like the ad sharing over at revver is not really helping traffic.

Gofish goes Flash

So my old company finally released their upgrade to Flash video. Unfortunately WordPress won't let me embed a video unless it comes from YouTube…ack! Come on guys, don't you think it's a little early to be calling the video sharing market already. Besides, allowing Flash embeds opens up a whole world of stuff I could add to my blog. And these notions of security problems are silly. Myspace makes a living allowing embedded objects. Anyway, here's a link to a gofish video embedded at a Blogger blog: