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Google Minesweeper Launches

minesweeper_logo.gifContinuing it’s attack against the entrenched Microsoft application monopolies, Google Labs today launched a new Ajax version of the venerable Minesweeper application. The application is not open to the public yet, but I was able to secure a screenshot which you can see below.

Coming on the heels of the Writely acquisition and launch of Google Spreadsheet, the addition of Minesweeper looks like it may finally end the MS monopoly on the desktop.

Larry Ellison of Oracle lauded the innovation, saying, “Finally, our employees have no more excuses for running Windows on their PC’s! And I can work completely on my new Mac now when I’m at the office.”

Google Minesweeper includes a number of impressive innovations including:

  • Online collaboration – cooperate with co-workers to uncover mines
  • Online game storage. Now you can finish that game at home.
  • Integrated GTalk for real-time trash talking.

Not everyone is so excited about this launch though. Sam Kinelson, CEO at the Sequoia-backed startup Minestrr, complained “This is just another example of Google quashing competition in a new market segment. They’re just sweeping the field to keep out fast moving up-and-comers. What’s next? Google Notepad?!?!” Google is already launching into a crowded field, with established startups including Minestrr,,, minetube, and

The launch is being covered over at Techcrunch (“Google changes the game”) and by Om Malik (“Google sweeping up the competition”).